About Me

I'm a self taught developer who loves to create responsive data driven web apps with intuitive user experiences. When not writing code or writing about code, I spend my time immersed in dance, aerial arts, and learning spoken languages.


ickly mockup


A search interface into NYC Restaurant Inspection Data provided by NYC Open Data.

Look up restaurants by name and get a list of detailed inspection data including grades, overall scores, and violation descriptions.

catcall mockup

Cat Call

A web app that helps users search for adoptable cats by their location.

Find a new furry companion by browsing through cats near you. Click through for an overview and more detailed summary of each cat, as well as contact information for the shelter so that you may move forward with the adoption process. All data is provided by the Petfinder API.

lazy loading slides

Lazy Loading Talk

This talk gives a quick overview of the concept of lazy loading.
It covers what lazy loading actually means, why we would want to use it in our web applications with examples of practical use cases, and some libraries to look into to help you get started with lazy loading your React components, images, etc.


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